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Hello and a really warm welcome to Tantra4GayMen USA

We are a Tantra School dedicated to the personal and spiritual growth of gay and bisexual men through Tantra.

If you are looking for a way forward, a way to enrich your life, to give it purpose and meaning then maybe we can help you in this quest.

There is so much available to you at this website from our Events and Workshops, Articles about Tantra, our Photo Galleries and Videos and our Social Network of over 800 men, just like you. So please do take a look around and if you have any questions please do email me jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk

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In 2017 I have plans for larger offerings, our Diploma in Tantra in California, June 2017 and our Festival in New York State in August 2017. Further details will be released next year. In the meantime please do subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated. 

Also, whilst your here, check out the galleries and links below. I very much look forward to meeting you. Love Jason xxx