Welcome to February!

Everything we're doing this month is all about LOVE. It's the essence of what Tantra is, and the seed of everything we bring you... everything Tantra4GayMen is about! When you feel the idea of Love in your heart, it's a feeling of absolute acceptance and a deep knowing that transcends words.

So ALL of February is going to be about Love! We're bringing you articles, videos, tips, chocolates, competitions, music, inspiration – content we've curated and created to help bring more joy, more ecstasy, and yes – more LOVE into your life! I can't wait to share this incredible month with you!

Love, Jason xoxox


Our new app is available for download! We're working every day to make it more and more amazing for you! This app was was created to connect spiritually-minded men around the world. It’s downloadable now on both the Apple App store and the Android/Google Play store. The app also works on your desktop, and seamlessly integrates between your computer and your mobile device.

Meet and chat with other spiritual, conscientious, like-minded men around the world or right in your city. Learn more about events happening near you (and book them!). Delve into Tantra discussion topics. This platform has many amazing capabilities that we'll be rolling out throughout this year, and in time, it's likely to become your go-to place for everything Tantra4GayMen-related.


Coming up on 8 February, Jason and Ingo will be doing a live broadcast where they'll be sharing ALL about the 8th Annual TantraLove Festival happening 29 August - 2 September in Glastonbury UK. You'll be hearing directly from some of the AMAZING teachers that are lined up for this year's event, and Jason and Ingo MIGHT have a few surprises in store for those who attend the live call (meaning: they definitely have something planned for you). Make sure to register for the call, and have any questions for Jason and Ingo at the ready. This is the place to be if you're curious to learn more about what the TantraLove Festival is like! The call is 8 February at 11:00am GMT.


CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

Did you know you can earn CASH BACK (and even a FREE TantraLove Festival ticket for yourself) as a TantraLove Affiliate? Click here to visit our website and learn all the details about being a TantraLove Affiliate.


Thinking about booking a TantraLove Festival ticket AND one (or both!) or our London Weekend Workshops?

If you're in the US, maybe you want to try out a few of our US Weekend Workshops. Or MAYBE you're interested in booking one particular weekend and also joining us for The Tantra Experience in Easton Mountain (New York). Hmmm.

Well... it IS February, so bundle up!

Enjoy big savings when you book TWO OR MORE or these events in 2020!



This February, the more events you book, the more you save!

If you're in the UK:

  • Book both London workshops – Becoming Multi-Orgasmic (29 Feb - Mar 1) and Sex Magic (21-22 Nov) – and save £55 PER workshop, a total savings of £110!
  • Book one weekend workshop AND a ticket to the TantraLove Festival and save £60 on the price of the workshop ticket.
  • The biggest bundle of savings comes when you book both UK weekends AND a ticket to TantraLove Festival – you'll save £65 PER WEEKEND, a total savings of £130.

If you're in the US:

  • Book TWO or more workshops and save $75 PER workshop!
  • Book one weekend workshop AND a ticket to The Tantra Experience and save $80 on the price of the workshop ticket.
  • Again, save the biggest bundle when you book two (or more) weekends AND a ticket to the TantraLove Festival – we'll discount $85 off the price of EACH weekend workshop you book. Your savings start at $170 and go up from there!



25 weekends⁣ • 19 cities • 7 workshops⁣ • 3 teachers⁣ and an experience you won't forget

At our 2020 Weekend Workshops, we’re exploring topics around love, intimacy, sex, spirituality, pleasure, and so much more:

  • Becoming Multi-Orgasmic
  • Ritual & Tantric Sex
  • Ultimate Tantric Massage
  • Igniting Your Sexual Power⁣
  • The Ecstasy of Letting Go
  • Desire and Healing⁣
  • Sex Magic⁣⁣

And with any Weekend Workshop booking made in February, you'll receive a free month of HimEros TV. If you're unfamiliar, HimEros TV is a new approach to Gay Porn, and it aims to fuse what is erotic and horny about gay sex while bringing a level of consciousness and a language that plays with the same ideas we cover in Tantra. You'll definitely enjoy a month checking it out, and maybe you'll even stay a little longer!

(How it works: click the banner below. Purchase your first month of HimEros TV. Email your receipt to enquiries@tantra4gaymen.co.uk. Book your 2020 Weekend Workshop. We will refund the amount of your 1-month subscription to the card you used to book your weekend.)



A blissful, playful vacation for your spirit! The Tantra Experience is eligible for our Tantra LoveBundles, too! Book this event and one or more Weekend Workshop and save a bundle!


For those of you ready to go much deeper into your Tantra study, we offer week-long intensives through our Diploma in Tantra Programme. There's much to share about what these programs are and how they work, so please visit any of the links below for more information. There is VERY LIMITED SPACING left for our 2020 weeks!

Our Joshua Tree module, Ecstasy & Orgasm (18-24 April 2020), has SOLD OUT, but we do have a waiting list available. There ARE occasions where guests have to transfer out of the week, or must cancel; and we really do use our waiting lists, so please don't hesitate to add your name if this is a week that appeals to you!

Divinity of Bliss (20-26 June 2020) at Easton Mountain has only 5 SPACES REMAINING. Easton Mountain has become a favorite for our community, and the mountains of upstate New York in June promise a week of bliss you’ll truly savor.

The Glastonbury UK Ecstasy & Orgasm module (4-10 July) has 1 SPACE REMAINING! This event was sold out for some time, but one space became available in the past week!

And finally, the UK Healing & Surrender module (18-24 July 2020) has just 2 SPACES REMAINING! Don’t miss your chance to go deeper into your Tantric practice at this mesmerizing, mystical location!


Our Diploma Goodie Bag promotion is ongoing! The sooner you book your Diploma in Tantra week, the more goodies you get! Right now, if you book before 15 February, you’ll be receiving THREE fantastic incentives, including this fantastic Chakra Candle & Incense! Don’t miss out!


Did you know that in addition to our non-residential Weekend Workshops, our Diploma weeks, and our festival events, we ALSO have 15 Tantra4GayMen Facilitators leading evenings/afternoons across the world, UK/Europe, USA and Australia? You can learn more about each of them on our website’s Meet Our Team page, and be sure to check out our Calendar of Events to find a Touch, Massage, & Intimacy Event near you!

For a complete and up-to-date list of Tantra4GayMen’s workshops, trainings, and events around the world, please visit our Events Page!