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Why would I want to go to this?

Men attend this event because they want to develop more intimacy, connection, sensuality with other men. They feel they want more connection with other men. They want to experience sensuality, love, intimacy and connection that sometimes incorporates their sexual energy to.

Often men in their 30’s and 40’s have a “is this all there is to my life” and start to look outside the mainstream for other ways of benign and connecting with life. Tantra as a spiritual pathway of unconditional Love brings you into contact with other men in ways that you might not normally do. This in itself is an “awakening”, because it is a part of you that wants more than life, that is waking up to new possibilities.

Some men (including me) sometimes find it difficult to find intimacy with other men. We all have backgrounds and for some of us that can include traumatic experiences. This can be a great place to slowly learn how to build trust, how to build intimacy with other men. You can learn how to discover your Yes and your No, your boundaries and consent. And in this journey the possibility of finding an even greater freedom as you open, accept and be with the world, Tantra is a great metaphor, a great playground to try things out. To let a new you emerge that is more liberated, more free from the past, more open, more loving and a deeper sense of joy in life.

The spirituality of Tantra is about being an embodied practice that brings together the sexual and the spiritual. That your sexual energy is spiritual in that it is a very powerful life force. Once we choose to be more aware, more conscious of that and in our use of this energy it can support you in a spiritual journey of awakening to the truth of whom you really are.

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