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What will I be able to do with this training?

This training is firstly a personal development journey of you using Tantra as the fuel to help facilitate your journey. The Diploma in Tantra in a complete neo-tantric training that works on you as an individual and its aim is a journey of personal growth and transformation.

Secondly, the training, as equal to the first part, is about holding space for others. Holding space for others can take many different forms. That could be about holding space for a partner(s), lovers, friends or someone you know that is needing help and this might be helpful.

Or, maybe you are already a Masseur or offering Yoga, Breathwork, Energywork or Bodywork to clients. The practices, exercises and techniques you learn in the Tantra Coach Training can support in growing your offering* to clients. Be that massage techniques, tantric energy rituals, meditation, chakra energy methods and holding deep space using the psychotherapeutic models as a background to hearing, listening and asking questions from a place of skill.

*Not all the methods learned in the Tantra Coach Training maybe offered to your clients due to local prostitution laws. You are responsible to only offer clients that which is legal and lawful which is different on a state by state, or country by country basis. We cannot take responsibility for how you might choose to use your learnings. Please do ask us if you have any concerns.

The training is absolutely about you learning to hold deep, profound and explorative sessions with partners, friends or integrating some practices into your professional practices. We will teach you, conceptually and experientially, a wide, varied and exciting array of:

  • Practices.
  • Techniques.
  • Exercises.
  • Processes.
  • and Rituals.

That are used in our approach to Neo-Tantra – with a focus on fostering growth and transformation within the client, both in teacher-to-group and in teacher-to-individual settings. Our teaching schedule focuses on the most salient topics that Tantra groups and retreats are typically conceptualised around:.

  • Sex and Heart.
  • Intimacy and Connection.
  • Touch and Massage.
  • Ecstasy and Orgasm.
  • Healing and Release.
  • Power and Surrender.
  • Meditation and Spiritual Practice.
  • Mystical Dimensions.
  • Peak Experiences and Bliss.

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