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My name is Todd and I live in Miami, Florida. I moved here in 1990 to pursue my dancing career with the Miami City Ballet. I danced with MCB for 14 years where I had the opportunity to perform many roles and travel all over the world.

Soon after retiring from dance, I discovered my passion for yoga, breathwork, and massage. Through my yoga training, I became familiar with chakras and how different breathing techniques could affect the flow of energy through my body. Soulful Breathwork, as taught by Christian de la Huerta, taught me a profoundly healing way to direct the flow of energy through my body. While training for massage, my understanding of the body through dance and yoga helped me excel at palpating muscles and I soon discovered if I incorporated my own breathing into my massage sessions, clients would get even more out of the session. 

I believe we all have a unique vibration and Light to share with the world. It is my hope to help others peel back the layers that prevent them from fully stepping into their own power so the world can see their inner glow. We are all waiting for you to shine brightly!



In May 2018, I met Jason and Ingo and began my tantra journey. As of July 2019, I have completed two of three Diploma weeks and one of three Teacher Training weeks as taught by Jason and Ingo. In retrospect, it is no surprise I am drawn to tantra considering how integral breathing is and how connected to the breath I am through my other practices. Specific and directed breathing can be incredibly powerful and profoundly healing. It can be orgasmic and cosmic. While I am still discovering the possibilities of where the breath can take me, I am excited to be bringing these practices to others so they can discover what brings them more healing and ecstasy in their own lives.


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  • Monthly tantra workshops in Miami, FL($50)
  • Monthly tantra workshops in Fort Lauderdale, FL($60)
  • Monthly Soulful Breathwork Breathing Circles in Miami, FL($35)
  • Naked Yoga for Men three times a week in Miami, FL($20)
  • Therapeutic Massage, Deep tissue and Thai yoga($100/hour incall $120/hr outcall)
  • Tantra Massage($225/90 minutes incall $245/90 minutes outcall)
  • Tantra Experience($300/2 hours incall $320/2 hours outcall)