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"This afternoon workshop is a chance to discover just how intense and enjoyable and sensations can get: and how far they can take you. While the Ecstatic Body was one of my first experiences of Tantra, each time I’ve revisited it more unfolds for me - not just in terms of intensity, but how it can open up parts of myself I’d hardly known before. I’ve found it way to connect and re-connect to my body and emotions. 
I know I’m not alone in this time or culture to tend to ‘live in my head’. To stick with words and ideas that I’ve picked up, while being reluctant to trust my body and let go into the present moment. More than that, like many gay or bi men, I have spent years ‘in the closet’ denying my true nature: the Ecstatic Body has helped open my heart and mind to how I might be. Indeed, how I am.
The Ecstatic Body is excellent for those new to Tantra because it introduces many basic practices - giving and receiving, using breath, meeting sensations and expression in sound and movement. But I can assure you that each time of practicing it can reveal different and amazing sensations, reach new depths. I’m really looking forward to this workshop and invite you to take the journey this afternoon will offer.” - Steve
Facilitated by Steve, a Tantra Facilitator, come along to an afternoon programme of exploring tantric touch, loving intimacy and erotic and sensual connections in a group setting with other men. You are very welcome to this special Tantra afternoon.
In this afternoon you will be gently guided on a 3.5 hour exploration of Tantra. The afternoon's programme is great if you want to connect with other men in a loving and sensual way that is more intimate than the way men typically meet. 
This will be held on a monthly basis whereby each afternoon the content and practices are different, but all focus is on the side of sensual rather than sexual connections and on open and loving hearts that welcome all, as well as the possibility to learn more about yourself and the basics of Tantra.       
This afternoon is great if you want to enjoy more intimate and deeper connections with other men. It is a great Introduction to Tantra and will help you learn some of the basics. So if you are completely new to tantra or, if you are a seasoned tantric wanting connections, this is the ideal programme for you.  
Click Here to read more about Tantra, and Click Here to see a list of videos explaining more about Tantra.
Intrigued? - So, how does it work practically? 
Each afternoon starts with a similar format, but with a different theme and tantric practice each time. Steve will be on hand to welcome you as you arrive at the venue. It’s very discreet in that no one knows why you are at the venue, and equally the venue is very comfortable with this taking place. 
When everyone has arrived, Steve will bring everyone together to welcome you and to introduce the afternoon. Steve will talk about safety, and about how to navigate your way through the evening. You might be asked to give a short introduction like your name and how you are feeling. 
Then it’s likely you will be guided to start moving around the room, meeting others with eye gazing, and light sensual touch. You’ll still be clothed at this point and everything is done slowly to help you slowly relax and settle into the afternoon. 
As the afternoon progresses, it’s likely to be some form of undressing ritual, sensual and loving touch that feels delightful and arousing. There will be different massage techniques to learn, new ways of giving and receiving pleasure and different Tantric Rituals and technique practices. All of these are designed to help you discover new potentials in terms of arousal, of an awakened body state called the Ecstatic Body, and to help you feel more free, more relaxed, more alive and more connected to other men. 
It’s also really ok to pace yourself, and if you find any part too much, you can take a breather and re-join as you feel the need. 
The afternoon is facilitated for the 3 hours where you are gently guided through different tantric practices, techniques and different rituals and ways to play. It's fun, sensual, connected, intimate and will leave you feeling elated, loved and just open to a deeper sense of satisfaction and happiness. 
Is this for me? This afternoon is open to everybody regardless of how you believe you look. Often we can give ourselves a hard time on how we think we look to others, and this is an opportunity to go beyond that, to be vulnerable and to let others accept you just as you are. With open hearts, with an openness to accept everybody, let the magic of Tantra take you to new parts of yourself you never knew existed. 


Dates & Times: Saturday, 8 February - 2020, 2:00pm to 5:30pm
Venue: A discreet venue in Manchester, easily accessible via public transport.
Early Bird Price: £25
No previous experience of Tantra is needed -  all you need to bring is an open mind and a sense of adventure.
If you have any questions about this weekend, you can:
E-mail Steve: (I reply to emails within 72 hours so do check your SPAM box).
Or call Steve: +44 (0)7813 371006