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What is The Tantra Experience?

A 6-day event to explore yourself and gain a deeper understanding of Tantra, the Tantra Experience event is open to all gay and bi men who want a place to be fully uninhibited, indulgent and as playful as you want to be.

What to Expect?

Led by Jason, Ingo, and an assortment of guest teachers from all over the world, every day offers fun workshops designed to help you awaken your ecstatic body, learn sensual touch, share your sexual energy with your partner and so much more.

Our Unique Tantra Experience Program

A‘Best of’ selection of Tantra4GayMen’s teachings, all packed into one amazing journey.

Special and Exclusive Workshops in Tantra

An intriguing selection of workshops by the experts in Modern Tantra: Tantric Massage, Sensual Touch, Orgasm, Sexual Power, Tantric Meditation, Tantric Energy Work, and more.



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Carefully Designed Tantra Rituals

Indulgent Tantric evenings and nights that you’ll never forget …

Lots and Lots of Touch, Cuddles and Sensual Experiences

Sensuality is the entry point into Tantra, and there’s going to be lots of it …




All Packed into One Journey, Taught by Jason and Ingo, plus Exclusive Guest Teachers

Jason, Ingo and the Guest Teachers are Experts in Modern Tantra. What they are offering you can’t easily access anywhere else. Guest Teachers are exclusive to this event only at Easton Mountain! 


A Sensual, Relaxing and Indulgent Experience: A Time Out for Yourself

We all need some time to really relax and be ourselves. The Tantra Experience allows you to go at your own pace. You choose how much of how little of the program you would like to do. Whether you want to fully indulge in every workshop that is offered or you would just like the company of others while relaxing in the hot tub or sauna, we invite you to join us and let go in any way you wish.



The Unique Inclusive Vibe Our Events Are Known For

Feel loved and embraced for being the unique person that you are. Feel part of a family of very special Tantric men.

A Vacation-Like Atmosphere For You to Truly Relax and Let Go

Beautiful venue in the midst of nature with outdoor pool, hot tub spa & sauna to relax. Homemade vegetarian food.

A Place to Feel Loved

A major aspect of The Tantra Experience is inclusiveness. We make sure you never feel alone while you are with us and many men who join us on this journey create relationships and bonds that last for years. Feel loved and embraced for being the unique person you are. We invite you to be a part of our family, no matter who you are.

A Relaxing Atmosphere for Peace of Mind
The Tantra Experience is located in Easton Mountain. A secluded landscape we have to ourselves. With over 170 acres of land just for us, you have the freedom to be yourself, enjoy the scenery, and indulge in the company of other like minded men.
Tons of workshops, fun, and pleasure awaits you on The Tantra Experience.