The Tantra Experience

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"The Tantra Experience is a brand new creation bringing together 5 different and gifted teachers to create this magical 5 Day Tantra Experience. Sam & Finn are coming to us from San Francisco and they have specialities in body & breath work as well as conscious relating and they are just delightful men that are going to help melt your hearts. Then we have Sadhu, a really experienced space holder and workshop creator that brings his own blend of magic. From Divine Beasts to the Sacred & Spiritual, you are just going to love Sadhu and his bag of gifts coming to you all the way from the Netherlands. Ingo, my beautiful husband (he is much sweeter than I am lol), and he brings a unique blend of Tantric Meditations where men just have many profound and inexplicable spiritual experiences. And then with my Tantric Experience of guiding you into the ecstatic and the blissful …. Well you are set for 5 Magical Days! Of Sheer Sheer Bliss, Ecstasy and Love. I can’t wait to welcome you. Love Jason xoxox"


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A 5-day Journey Into Tantra - With Jason, Ingo and Exclusive Guest Teachers 

Sensual, Relaxing and Indulgent - A Vacation for Your Soul

A Unique 'Best Of' Selection of Tantra4GayMen's Teachings - All Packed into One Amazing Journey

A 'Vacation-Style' Format - A Varied and Colorful Schedule from which YOU choose what you want to do

The Ultimate You Time - Let Go, Be Yourself, Wind Down, and Indulge

Be Part of a Group of Very Special Tantric Men - Connect, Play, and Make New Friends.

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Come and meet Sam, one of the teachers at The Tantra Experience at Easton Mountain .. he's coming to us from San Francisco and you are just going to love his perspectives on Tantra and Massage .. he's an Esalen Expert  ... Yum - - Aug, 06 to 11 - Easton Mountain, NY

The Practicalities
Venue: The Tantra Experience 2019 will be held in the fantastic Easton Mountain Retreat Centre, in the Hudson Valley, Upstate New York, within a convenient 3 hours drive from New York City, Boston, or Montreal. We have exclusivity to the venue - which means we can indulge, play, and totally be ourselves!

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Accommodation: You have the choice of Easton Mountain's wide range of accommodation - Ensuite Semi-Private Rooms, Ensuite Quad Rooms, and much more. For the price-conscious, we offer Glamping and Camping. Click here to see our accommodation options.


Food: Easton Mountain's heart-warming vegetarian food receives rave reviews from our festival goers. Your food ticket gives you full board: Breakfast, lunch, dinner with dessert, afternoon cake, and 24/7 refreshments.


Outdoor Pool, Indoor Hotub, and SaunaEaston Mountains's Pool, Hot Tub and Sauna are great places to unwind and relax. Open during the day and late into the evening - perfect places to indulge in the warmth, ease away any tensions and relax with new-found friends.