Festival Program


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The Festival begins on Tuesday 8 August 2017, at 7pm. Arrival and check in on from 5pm.

The Festival ends on Sunday, 13 August, at 2pm.

Here is what a day looks like at the Festival - everything is totally optional, the choise is yours.


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Days will start with facilitated morning meditation, both active and silent, and different styles of yoga.

Then it’s time for our buffet breakfast  – hang out with your friends and have your breakfast wherever you’d like.

After breakfast, we will offer one or several workshops and experiences.


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Then it’s for lunch, followed by a break. In the early afternoon it's time for sharing circles to come together – a great way to chat about your experiences and make new friends.

Then it’s for our afternoon sessions and workshops - more Tantra and much much more.


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After dinner and some time off, it’s then time for indulgent Tantric ritual evenings and more special evening workshops. Later in the evening, the Love Temple will be available to offer you treats from the Tantric Angels, or as a place to hang out and connect with others in ay way you wish.


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or the times where you don’t feel like taking part in a workshop, and of course for the evenings, there’s plenty to do or to relax. 


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We will have a Spa Area with Hot Tub, Oudtoor Sauna and Pool to hang out in. There is also a lounge to have some good times with new friends. There is a lake and beautiful woodland.


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