Festival - Get Involved


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Would you like to be involved in the 1st Tantra4GayMen Festival?

There are many ways that could play a part.


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Discovery Zone Teacher - Places Available

You could offer us a workshop based on your passion. It could be that you want to lead men in chanting sacred songs, or lead an art discovery exploration, or offer a reiki share. Whatever you feel called to offer, please do email jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk with your proposal and we’ll take it from there. Discovery Zone Teachers will be part of the crew team and also be asked to complete certain admin functions, i.e. hold the list for cabaret, organise return lifts to the train station, keep an eye out for participants.


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Tantric Temple Angel Places Available

Each evening the Tantra Temple will have a team of angels (i.e. you), who will make sacred, beautiful and nurturing offerings form the heart. Men coming to the temple will be able to choose from a selected menu (that you have agreed to), and make offerings in 15 min sessions. It could be that you would offer, breath work, eye gazing, gentle body strokes or massage. Anything in this area is what you would offer. Please do email jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk if you are interested to apply.

For each approved Discovery Zone Workshop and/or Tantric Temple shift (of 4 hours), we will offer you 10% off your entrance ticket. For example, if you offered 1 Discovery Zone Workshop (of 2 hours or 2 workshops of 1 hour), we would give you 10% off your entrance ticket. If you did 3 shifts in the Tantric Temple you would earn 30% off your entrance ticket. To apply please send me an email jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk


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Therapists Places Available

If you are qualified and/or practising in certain therapies i.e. massage, tarot, reiki, angel readings, past life regression we would welcome your application to join our team of therapists. We will create a therapists zone which is likely to be made up of several tents with them kitted out for everything you would need to provide your treatment. We ask for 15% of each of your sessions as a contribution to the festival overall costs. You will need to have a fully paid ticket with accommodation and food to be able to practise as a therapist at the festival. If you are interested please email jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk with details of what you would like to offer.