Learn how to create spaces of transformation and personal growth and develop your ability to hold the highest container of consciousness. Use this Teacher Training as a stairway to your aspirations and dreams. Let us help you make the world of difference.  


Jason Tantra, founder of Tantra4GayMen and Tantra Teacher will support and facilitate you through this training. Come and learn from over 20 years of spiritual development, psychotherapeutic training and Tantra.  

Ingo Tantra, co-founder of Tantra4GayMen and Tantra Teacher has 15 years experience of Tantra and a less than conventional spiritual journey that is profound as it is fascinating. Ingo has an academic background with doctoral and professor tenures.  

  • A full Tantra Teaching Training of all neo Tantra techniques. 
  • And, in addition, learn the methods and practices developed by Jason and Ingo.
  • Learn psychotherapeutic schools of theory & thinking to support your space holding.
  • Learn the Teaching Techniques developed from over 15 years of experience. 
  • Receive our Tantra Teacher Certificate upon completion. 
  • Gain the skills and knowledge to take men on deep transformational journeys. 
  • Invest in yourself to become a teacher with rooted spiritual teachings of Tantra. 
  • Discover how to create overwhelming spaces of profound Love and Transformation. 
  • A training of this depth will create deep foundations for your creativity.
  • Be in a peer group of other men called to a similar vision 
There are many good reasons to do this Teacher Training programme with us. This Teacher Training is the most profound and comprehensive you will currently find in the gay Tantra world.
It is Highly Professional, Highly Ethical and Packed with Practical Content. From the internationally-recognized teachers, Jason & Ingo with decades of experience teaching others Tantra.
The Tantra4GayMen Method developed by Jason and Ingo is a unique and immensely powerful approach to Tantra, combining ancient spirituality with the best in contemporary personal development. We have accumulated profound knowledge in the best approaches to Neo-Tantra for more than 28 years each. We have immersed ourselves in multiple disciplines of mysticism, meditation, coaching, body-based spirituality, psychotherapy, business, and more.
Our unique approach to Tantra is the result - a practice that has changed the lives of countless men in the most incredible ways imaginable. We are the global experts in Tantra for men who love men. We have created a unique success story, combining Tantra, spirituality, business, community, and a very special lifestyle.   
This is not just a Tantra Teacher Training programme, but also an essential basis of teachings for anyone wanting to hold space for others. This can be from offering client sessions, individually or to couples to also running group events. Those events being from short through to residential programmes.
The training will give you a foundational understanding of how to hold students/clients in deep and powerful transformational spaces that aid their healing and spiritual and personal growth and development. Therefore the techniques and methods learned will not support you as a tantra facilitator but also in other disciplines i.e. yoga, meditation and other practices. 
With this training you will:
  • Learn a library of Tantra content both common practices of neo Tantra as well as practices and methods uniquely developed by Jason and Ingo.
  • Learn about creating spaces in terms of ethics, practical advice, make suggestions and work with your students/participants in ways that are under-pinned with psychotherapeutic foundations.
  • Benefit from an overview of different psychotherapeutic models that will enable you as well to more deeply and profoundly listen to your students in new ways. 
The training comprises 6 modules. You will need to have completed all 6 modules to receive our Tantra Teacher Training certificate.
3 modules of this programme are the core teacher training which are 9 days each and take place in Glastonbury, UK each April. The modules can be taken in any order. You do not need to have done one module to access the other module.
  • This core teacher training module comprises 3 areas.
  • Tantra - Mastering the Practices
  • Teaching - Guiding Groups and Individuals through Growth and Transformation
  • Business - Making Tantra a Success Story in Your Life
The other 3 modules are your tantric personal development. This is called our “Diploma in Tantra Programme”.
The Diploma in Tantra comprises of 3 modules:
  • Ecstasy and Orgasm
  • Healing and Surrender
  • The Divinity of Bliss
These modules are 7 days each and take place in Glastonbury, UK, upstate New York and Joshua Tree, Palm Springs each year in July, June and April respectively.
The Diploma in Tantra is open to all persons who are undertaking a deeper and more committed exploration of Tantra or their personal development and spiritual growth. Completion of the Diploma in Tantra is a requirement of the Teacher Training Certificate. The Diploma modules can be done in any order and in any location.
We recommend that you do not do more than 2 modules per year. 1 core teacher training and 1 diploma training per year as you will require integration time upon completion.   
During the Teacher Training your day starts at 8am and is typically a 1 hour meditation. As this is a teacher training it is likely you will be facilitating the meditation or one of your fellow peers. This is then followed by breakfast for 1hr30min. This is time for eating, chatting with your friends on the training, homework and showers.
Between Breakfast and Lunch are typically more lecture based training. This is where we go into topics in depth. That could be ethical frameworks, business creation, psychotherapeutic models or discussions of Tantra.
After lunch it is hands on to learn practical exercises and techniques. You will receive briefings and demonstrations. Again it is likely you will facilitate the workshops as well as being a participant. And there will be constructive feedback mechanisms from your peers and tutors to aide your development.
After Dinner there tends to be a ritual based practice that could be something nourishing and rejuvenating or hugely ecstatic and bringing the peak of your sexual energy.
Our evenings tend to finish around 10.30pm and you will definitely need your rest to be ready for the next day. Food in all locations is really excellent and you won’t even notice it's vegetarian. We also provide snacks and drinks throughout the days.