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Lead and Facilitate your own Tantra Groups.

Become a Tantra4GayMen Facilitator and lead your own monthly 3hr Tantra group sessions in your city.

This is a great opportunity for you to become a creator of Tantra events in your local community - leading loving and touch related Tantric exercises and rituals for groups of beautiful men who love men, and creating a loving community of like-minded souls in your city.

We’ll support you each step of the way! You will get from us all the programme content, coaching, ongoing support, and initial training that you need. Also, you can rely on our backbone infrastructure which will take the pain out of all the administration. You can relax and focus on creating amazing spaces and let our “know how” make it all super easy for you.

To Start please complete the "Tantra Facilitator Questionnaire":

Questions?: Please email me HERE


  • Twenty-four different 3-hour classes, each with a different Tantric theme, and each readily packaged into step-by-step “How-To” video lectures and timetables.
  • Group Monthly Coaching and Support Call.
  • Initial online training “How To Facilitate Tantra”, with 27 Online Study Sessions & 4 Zoom Review Sessions.
  • Online Booking System: Attendees book, they get joining instructions, you get an updated attendee report … all automatically and instantly.
  • Our Back Office Team publishes and markets the event using our 25k+ contacts.


  • Part of a global family of facilitators who meet monthly.
  • Easy lesson planning with our pre-planned programme.
  • Never the same theme with 24 different 3-hour event programmes.
  • You are not alone - you get an experienced Coach on hand to support you.
  • Almost no Admin - we have an automated system that takes out the hassle.
  • Shared Promotion and Marketing responsibility - you benefit from our 25k+ contacts and our back office team.


To be successful in this, you need at least some personal experience with our style of Tantra. That’s why the formal entry criteria is that you have completed at least 1 module of our “Diploma in Tantra” programme.

Ideally, you love leading groups, you love Tantra, and you have a passion for leading men through transformative processes. And you need to feel a Yes and a passion for creating a local tantra group in your city.

To get started, just complete the “Tantra Facilitator Questionnaire”. You’ll then be contacted by Jason, Ingo or Armand for an informal chat. Here we can tell you more about the programme, answer any questions. In meeting you and chatting this through we’ll be able to ascertain if we both feel a yes to you joining.
If yes, we will both review and sign a written agreement. This is nothing scary; it just outlines our service to you and your responsibilities as a TantraLove Facilitator. There is only a month-to-month commitment. You’ll need to pay $750 / £550 for your initial “How To Facilitate Tantra” training, which is completely online. You’ll be assigned a Coach, and they’ll support you through the 5 modules of the training programme. The modules are made of 27 videos and one completion assignment per module. Throughout, you’ll meet your coach to review what you have learned and deepen your understanding. The training will usually take a few weeks (part-time), depending on your speed (you determine how many hours you would like to put in each week). After completion, you are ready to hold your first event.

During your training programme you will be looking for a local venue to hold your group. And in parallel we will also start co-creating your first event. Provided you pass the training you’ll then be all set to start your first group.

Whilst you are running groups, we charge a monthly fee of £125 (UK) or $175 (US). This provides you with your monthly programme (with a new one each month), use of our automated booking system, card processing fees, our back office team to create your event and co-promote it, a monthly coaching and support call and access to a Coach just in case of those emergencies.

To summarise, your financial outlay is $750 / £550 for your Induction Training and £125 / $175 as a monthly fee to provide you with those ongoing services.

You are free to charge what you like for your event, and these monies are yours without any deductions (apart from 12.5% VAT in the UK only). Typically, facilitators charge from £35 / $50 to £65 / $90 per 3 hour session. Your earnings are income minus your monthly fee to us, venue rental, your travel costs and any materials required. This means: As well as being hugely rewarding, running these groups can also support your income. Some of our facilitators with monthly groups of 20 have earned circa £1,100 / $1,555 per event before costs.

When you plan your next event, we will send you the programme via email. You’ll get a theme, a full step-by-step video explanation of the session, and a timetable with the proposed session structure. You can also ask your Coach if you have any questions about the programme. The programme is released in order, one at a time, after you have delivered the previous session.

When you hold space of love, intimacy, and touch, some men come to these spaces with complex histories. Sometimes, the very thing they want is beset with personal anxieties that can hinder them. Men will react in many different ways. In your Facilitator Training you’ll learn how to handle a whole array of different and complex issues. You will be well-prepared after completing the training! But on top of that, if you ever experience any issues in your groups, then just arrange a call with your coach. Also, you have monthly Coaching and Support Calls for help and guidance. In those calls, you also share experiences and best practices with other facilitators.

When participants book to attend, you are protected by our terms and conditions they agreed to upon signing up. In your induction we will also talk about insurances that you’ll need.

Summed up, with our experience, we can guide you and help you through each situation that arises when running a group. You’ll never be alone!

You need to bring a commitment to learning Tantra as a personal development journey for yourself, meaning that you have completed or booked at least 1 module of our “Diploma in Tantra” programme. It’s from that personal experience that you’ll be able to be a good guide for those men that attend your groups.

The $750 / £550 for your Induction Training, and after that (when actually running your groups), £125 / $175 as a monthly fee to provide you with the ongoing services. Remember that you are free to charge what admission you like to your event, and all those monies go to you (minus 12.5% VAT in the UK). Which means that, after costs, you are very likely to walk out with a financial benefit.

You need to provide the materials needed for the sessions (i.e. massage oil bottles, blindfolds, mats etc.). During the Induction Training, we will explain exactly what you need, and it will be quite easy for you to procure these materials.

You will need to co-promote your event within your local community. This means finding places (both in-person and online) to advertise and promote your event. That could be flyers in your bars / bathhouse, local LGBTQI+ radio interview, local Facebook and other online groups. We will (on your behalf) advertise to the local meet-up group, social media, and all the contacts in your area that we have in our 10,000+ men database.

You need to have the space and time both mentally and physically to take on this project. You should allow some extra time in the initial induction training. On a month-to-month basis you should allow time to hold your session, about 2 hours to prepare for that and attending a monthly 2hr coaching call.

Please email me, just click HERE – I typically reply within 72 hours so if you’ve not had a reply, please do check your SPAM box.

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