The Man Tantra Letters

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Philosophy or Pornography?

Two radical thinkers tackle the fundamental problems of passion between men and its relationship to The ManTantra Letters spirituality. In a vibrant, erudite, and candid correspondence that spans the 1990s, they explore how the ancient mysticism of Tantra can work for male singles, couples, and groups in today’s world. Drawing on their own raw personal experience, they use the philosophy and practice of Tantra to probe the enigmas of sexuality and discover its highest purposes.


“… a revolutionary book … a ‘must read’ for anyone, man AND woman, interested in spiritual awakening through the conscious cultivation of sexual ecstasy.”

Margot Anand, The Art of Sexual Ecstasy.

“The authors present in the letter writing form documentation of their individual searches and discuss the contemporary meaning and practice of ancient tantra philosophy. Sometimes profound in insight, always entertaining, the book travels from the “scat” and leather subculture to a Himalayan monastery. The book is compelling in its candor and in its overall attempt at discussing a topic usually presented in arcane terms. The different paths of the two authors also illustrates the variations within tantra, the challenge to and the struggle of the modern gay subculture to understand and bring into practice philosophical and spiritual roots. A great book that I highly recommend to anyone seeking greater understanding of tantra, to learn about others’ struggle to bring the practice into their lives and particularly gay lives (although I think the book has relevance to every orientation) and to see the range of emotions, efforts and life experiences that are reflected in this vast topic.”

Christopher Nolan    New York, NY

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“This book breaks the mold of literature about lust and love between men to examine the real issues behind that love as well as its highest possibilities. Its honesty is shocking, and its display of virtuoso intelligence is awesome. At the same time it is a detailed step by step how-to book for tantra. A monumental achievement for our generation. If you have any interest in the possibilities of sexual realization of any kind, read this book.”

William Rock  Therapist

Marin County, California

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