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Book this weekend along with one (or more) additional 2020 Weekend Workshop and/or a ticket to one of our summer festivals (The Tantra Experience on 4-9 August or the TantraLove Festival 29 August-2 September), and you'll save a bundle on your workshop events! The more events you book, the bugger bundle you'll save.


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This weekend event will be led by our lead Tantra Teacher and creator of Tantra4GayMen, Jason Tantra. With more than a decade of spiritual, therapeutic, and Tantra training under his belt, Jason creates a special environment where men can connect and be intimate with each other, without fear or judgment. To learn more about Jason, click here.

Have you ever wondered what Tantric Sex is and how it differed from what we call “normal” sex? Tantric Sex is an entirely different experience that opens you up to a wide array of new sensations.
Imagine having an orgasm that lasts for hours, feeling such pleasure that your body feels completely light and free, establishing a deeper, more intimate connection with your partner through sexual pleasure, all of that and so much more can be achieved through tantric sex.
This weekend workshop takes you through a special course that teaches you several techniques and practices to transform your sexual interactions into something much more profound and special. We will help you create a “Sacred Space” for the ultimate pleasurable experience.


What is Tantra and How Can It Transform Your Sex Life?
Tantric Sex allows you to commune with yourself and your partner in a more intimate, sensual and sexual way. The exercises and rituals involved in this workshop show you techniques to help you experience a state of absolute bliss and pleasure.
Tantra is an experience, one that will allow you to feel a sense of enlightenment and become one with the world around you.  When you open yourself up to what these rituals and practices can provide, you become able to achieve a level of excitement and pleasure you never knew you could reach.


What is the Ritual & Tantric Sex Workshop All About?
This workshop takes you through a unique array of sensual, playful, and occasionally mind-blowing exercises that are all designed to heighten your sexual awareness and arousal. Through lots of sensual massage, meditation, and a number of rituals unique to tantra, you will be able to discover a side of yourself you never knew existed.

We use a special hands-on teaching style to truly immerse you in a world of sexual energy and excitement. Through our workshop, you will be able to establish a deep and meaningful connection with other like-minded men. 

Once this weekend workshop is over, you will unlock a deep, intimate, meaningful way of communicating with yourself and your partner on a sensual level. Through lots of touch, massage, and various techniques, you may just experience something beyond your wildest imagination.  

Who is This Workshop Designed For?

We’ve taken special care to make sure this workshop is designed for everyone, no matter their familiarity with tantra. If you are any of the following, we encourage you to come and join us.

  • You’re new to tantra and never tried anything like this
  • You have some experience with tantra and would like to learn more
  • You’re intrigued by the impact Ritual and Tantric Sex can have on you and your partner
  • You are a part of our Certificate Program and have not participated in this workshop yet

Our workshops always start at a gentle pace, with everyone getting to know and meeting each other in a fun and casual way. After an hour, you will feel as if you are with a group of friends you’ve known for a lifetime.

As we start to go deeper, all we ask of you is to let go. We offer a mixture of taught sessions and free space to practice with other men.
Enjoy, let go, and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.


Dates & Times: With occasional exceptions, our Weekend Workshops typically take place 10am to 6pm on both the Saturday AND Sunday of the event weekend. 
Workshop Format: This is a two-day, non-residential workshop. Tea/coffee and other refreshments are included in the workshop price. On both days, we will have a noon break and go for a light lunch at a nearby cafe (not included in workshop price).
Venue: We do our best to book venues that are accessible by public transportation. Participants are sent exact address of workshop, along with all other information necessary before attending, no less than two weeks prior to the event. 
Ticket Price: $465

Questions: If you have any questions about this weekend, you can contact us: