My Sex Education

Video Transcript:

Hello there, this time I want to talk to you about my sex education at school. So, for me I was kind of considering the question where do we as gay men learn about sex?  I went to a Roman Catholic school in Wiltshire a little while ago and I was taught by nuns. I can still play Kumbaya on the recorder, still play the guitar. My sex education at school was in my first year. It was in biology class and it was back in the days where maybe animal rights weren’t so strong as they are today. We had little boards with a rat would you believe? Dissected through the middle, cut open poor little thing and all of his insides being shown. All of his organs, heart, stomach and everything else. Not too pretty. I remember that they did a piece where they were talking about the reproductive organs was what we were told and we discovered that the rat had a male organ and also he had a teste and to reproduce this male organ went into the female rat organ and that’s how humans have sex too. My biology teacher was there with a bright red face, beetroot, and that was my sex education and you kind of think well where do you learn about sex?
The other part about this for me as a teenager when I start first becoming aware of my body maybe I was a late bloomer I don’t know but around the age of fourteen I kind of started discovering that touching myself was pleasurable. No one ever talked to me about masturbation, wanking, jerking off. I never really knew anything, I kind off discovered it on my own and if I moved something that felt nice but there was also that inherent thing about keeping it secret, keeping it quiet, not telling anybody. I don’t know if you have ever put a flannel in your mouth to stop yourself making noise when you come or you might be having a wank in the shower, it’s like we learn to masturbate by stealth okay. For me my sexual porn basically was the men’s catalogue I think page number 656 was the underwear section and page number 873 was the weight lifting section, that was kind of where my porn came from.
So, when I then got to having my first sexual first experiences at eighteen, more nineteen with other men I was completely thrown, and I would have said that my sex in my early years like eighteen all the way through to my mid-twenties, my sex was actually pretty rubbish. It just was, well I didn’t really didn’t know what to do, I kind of worked some out and the only place I could find out about sex was through porn. For me I have no issue with porn, if you look at some of my earlier videos I don’t have any problems with porn for the purpose of what porn does but as a sex education tool I think it’s diabolical because you follow through a very set script like all gay porn seems to follow through a set script and I was teaching a workshop in New York. I did a series of three evenings and I was introducing them to the idea of the body’s natural ecstasy. It’s like there’s something that I call the Ecstatic body that is kind of awoken through some very, very simple tantric techniques and it can just go through the whole of your body till your screaming, yelping, crying and then just some very, very, very simple like sensations that you can do. Well to be honest it kind of electrifies people more than the typical sex that they have. Would you believe that just some very, very simple actions around varied light touch around the body and some things like kisses over the body. Once you bring and learn to bring your awareness into your body, into the sensations that are being created, I tell you it will open up a whole new world for you and I think that is one of the things that I really like about Tantra is that if you kind of start to learn it I would say more seriously, it kind of wakes up a relationship in your body, a relationship in  your sex and you learn so much more about sex that’s way, way, way above what we have been told about sex. I kind of feel that we have been sold a pony. We have been sold a pony about the types of sex that we can have.
The purpose of this video was really just to explain that there is so much more within the practice of Tantra and the reason why I like that is because I believe if it is happening in your sex, it’s happening in your life, if it’s happening in your life, it’s happening in your sex and I kind of believe that the better you can make your sex, the more responsive, explosive, the more your life is going to be exactly the same. So, my dears try and forget about the rat analogy I gave you. Until next time take care, bye bye, blessings.