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Tantric Practitioner & Teacher

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Hello, I’m Jason Tantra and this part of my website is all about my one to one Tantra offerings. 
I have over 25 years experience of Tantra and together with attending the gym 6 days a week, whichever option you choose with me, you are in for a unforgettable Erotic, Blissful and Ecstatic journey. Let me take you to heaven through your sexual energy. 
What I can offer you is totally unique and it brings me joy and makes me happy to witness and see you in your ecstasy. Often my clients tell me “Wow! I didn’t know my body could do that” and the experiences you have in your session with me will often stay with you for days if not weeks. 
I’m fortunate to work in different places around the world, typically Bristol and London in the UK, Benidorm in Spain, Cape Town in South Africa, and New York and San Francisco in the USA. Check Out my Booking & Schedule page to see where I am and when I am available.  
It doesn't matter if you describe yourself as gay, bisexual, straight or none of these at all. If you are a man you are very welcome to experience any of my services I offer. I offer a wide range of services from Tantric Massage, Tantric Rituals, Tantra BDSM, Holiday Companionship, Sex Coaching for Sexual Issues and Professional Training. What I can offer you may be different depending on my location. 
If you can't see something you would like listed, please do just email me and I will be happy to explore if I can support you. 
I look forward to welcoming you to a session with me, Thanks, Love Jason xxx