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Tantra Teacher and Mentor
About Me
I am Ingo, Co-Founder, Co-Creator and Tantra Teacher at Tantra4GayMen. Together with Jason, my beloved husband, I created this organisation, for one very simple reason: My own path with Tantra opened a whole new world to me. It brought me to amazing, otherworldly, wild, sexy, ecstatic, and hitherto totally unimaginable places. My life was irrevocably transformed and now is full of love, wherever I look.
I am here to help you experience and achieve all of this for yourself. I spent the last 15 years learning, training and teaching many spiritual modalities with many teachers: Neo-Tantra, Meditation, Shamanism, and a lot more. Tantra4GayMen enables me to share with you everything I learned.
I believe that everyone can learn Tantra - the only two things needed are openness and commitment. It is my greatest job satisfaction to see the love, awe and wonder in your eyes after breaking through to a new experience. And it is my greatest joy to witness you walk your unique path towards becoming more than you ever thought you could possibly become.
Beyond Tantra, I have had a life full of many extraordinary experiences. I had a full-time academic career in the field of Human Geography, did a PhD, and made it to Associate Professor. During that time I lived and worked in many unusual and extremely remote places on several continents, such as Tibet, the Sahara, Egypt, Western China, India, Israel, and South America. I left that career to follow my calling to teach Tantra, and every year, the role I have stepped into reveals itself more as my true destiny.
These days, in theory, I’m based in Bristol, in the United Kingdom. In practice, I travel and teach globally most of the year.
I share more about myself / my life path here: “Ingo Tantra: Introducing Myself”. 
What and How I Teach
What I teach is, technically speaking, a non-traditional take on the 20th century modern tradition of Neo-Tantra, fused with elements from several meditation traditions, tools from human-growth oriented psychotherapy, shamanism, and more. I see the Tantra that I teach as a mystical practice, and as a complete pathway to Awakening. At its core, it's about embracing ecstasy - physical and in many other forms - as a way to gradually “wake up” to a state of being where your ordinary sense of "you" gives way to a constant sense of fusion with the infinite layers of what I call “Reality with capital R” - something that is way beyond ordinary everyday experience, something that has been hinted at by the great mystics of this world, but cannot be expressed in human language.
At heart, my view of the world is pragmatic, non-religious, and non-dogmatic. For me, this feels totally compatible with my mystical, Awakening-oriented life and practice. I see Tantra not as dogma, but as pure practice, as science, as an incredible set of tools. Tantra for me is all about direct experience. When teaching, I create the conditions for you to access these experiences for yourself. To achieve that, I always teach what has proven to work and to bring measurable progress to my students.
In the Tantra that I teach, all practices start from your body, and most practices have a 'social' aspect to them, meaning that they reveal their true power when practiced in a group of like-minded explorers, where you try out the techniques with many different men and learn from each other. These groups are a safe container where you can trust and truly let go, which is one condition for 'Tantric' experiences (multiple orgasms are only one particular type of those) to arise. These experiences can be pretty awe-inspiring, but the real point about Tantra is to harness their transformative power to effect lasting changes to the way in which you experience yourself and the world. These changes put you on the road to Awakening, a potentially life-long path. The 'harnessing' process itself is called 'integration' and involves many practices, but Jason and I have developed one unique integration modality that we call 'Spiritual Enquiry' and that we are particularly proud of.
Long story short: All of this is why I truly believe that, in order to experience what I offer and fully access what I teach, you would need to join my in-person programmes. Online sessions and studying can only give you a minimal step on the Tantric path. There is just no way around in-person group work - "If you want to drive a motorcycle, you need to get on that motorcycle!". I hope to meet you soon, and when you show up, I will throw my arms around you and welcome you with all the love I can give.
In 2021/22, you can join me in several programmes, which I teach in tandem with Jason, both in the UK and the US: Our Diploma Programme, our Tantra Teacher Training, the Diploma part of our Tantra Coach Training, or at our yearly TantraLove Festival.
Online, you can join me in Jason's and my Spiritual Enquiry Sessions in the TantraLove Academy. Join those sessions to interact with me! Bring any question about yourself, your life, your sex, your spiritual practice, into that session, and together we will experience the love that arises from being in deep enquiry together.
My Videos and Blogs
This one I highly recommend to watch, especially if you are new. It gives you an overview of what it means to practise my version of Tantra.
For something more in-depth, watch my 7-part “Tantric Path” series, where I talk in more detail about Tantra, Spiritual Practice, and Awakening.
If you are into books and are interested in where some of my inspirations come from - read my “Top 7 Tantra Books” blog.