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Get Involved


There are many ways to be part of the Tantra Love Festival.

We need all kinds of help and we welcome with open arms your talents, your skills your experience and most importantly your love.

There are various different ways to get involved. In exchange we offer a whole wide range of discounts, maybe helping out can make it easier for you to come along?  

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Our festivals attract participants with a whole wealth of experience and talent and we want you to bring it. Over the years we have had the deeply unusual, to the matter of fact to the educational. We’ve had talk of the myths of Glastonbury, lunchtime knitting club, Bonobo Tantra hanging from trees making “ooooo” sounds, shamanic elders ….. The list goes on, we welcome your diversity, your gifts, your talents … tell us what you can do? 

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Festival Delivery Manager

We need someone to look after the logistics of the festival. You’ll help us get involved with the equipment setup of the festival, and during you’ll be the “go to” person for any help or things that need coordination. Anything the crew team notice or that festival participants need help with, you’ll be coordinating or delivering solutions. You’ll be liaising with the venue to get things fixed, you might need to dash into town to pick something up, or you might be moving tables and chairs. To do this you’ll need be a practical person that can find solutions.

From experience, you’ll need to be available at meal times for people to approach you as well as comfortable to carry a walkie-talkie. Whilst there are things that need attending to, on average 2 hours per day, you will be mostly free to attend all of the festival program. 

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Family Holders

We offer a “held” festival which means that all participants belong to a family, a small group of 8 others, who for an hour each day have a sharing circle about their experience and what is happening for them. Tantra can bring up some very intense emotions, some highly ecstatic, sometimes something difficult that needs to be cleared. As a family holder, you do not need any therapeutic experience but just the ability to hold a group of men to share their experience.


Masseurs & Practitioners

Our festival has a wealth of talent and skill and if you would like to offer any client sessions you are very welcome. From massage, bodywork, sacred intimacy, tarot readings, mediumship, massage oil creation … the list is endless. We don’t typically offer a discount for practitioners, but as we provide everything you’ll need for the session we do ask for a small % commission of your sessions to cover the direct costs to us.