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Touch/Cuddle Therapist, Masseur & Tantra Group Facilitator

About Me

I’m Trevor James, Certified Touch/CuddleTherapist and Masseur in Los Angeles, California. I’m a citizen of the world, having lived in 6 countries so far, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and Ghana.

After I retired from being an event producer and director, I became a Touch Therapist to help men get more touch and connection in their lives. My mission is to encourage men’s wellness through touch, connection, companionship, and community regardless of sexual orientation.

I offer cuddle therapy, massage, and social companionship services under the name Trevor James. I also facilitate workshops on touch, as well as lead Tantra group workshops in Los Angeles and Palm Springs.

Why I Facilitate

One of the rewards of my job is seeing how it positively impacts men’s lives directly. In my practice, I see men who’ve experienced trauma, PTSD, men who are depressed, or lonely, or have lost loved ones, men who are in loveless relationships or are single, and men who just want to be touched and held. I love sharing the benefits of touch and teaching men how to connect with their bodies and with each other. The good thing about touch is that it benefits both the receiver and the giver, so it also adds so much to my life.


Individual Cuddle Therapy - $90/hr

Group Cuddle Therapy - Varies

Massage Session - from $120

Group Tantra workshops - from $45

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