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Tantra Teacher

10+ years participating in various tantra and bodywork-centered workshops in Washington DC. Sacred Brothers of DC, Heart-centered Touch for Men (NYC), Jonathan's Circle and Aidan Baird's Naked Yoga.

About Me

A Chicago native living in Washington, DC with my fiance, I have an extensive performing arts background including 2 degrees in music and study at the Royal Academy of Music (London). I am equal parts left and right-brained and have always LOVED learning about and experiencing different cultures! I am a survivor of sexual trauma and, in adolencent years, was very obese. I worked hard to get to this level of comfort in my skin through a mixture of physical, mental, social and spiritual efforts. Tantra provides me with guidance through my ongoing journey of self-acceptance. Integral to this is the exploration of spiritual, sensual and erotic connections with the gay community.

There has always been something in me that “falls in love” quickly, easily, willingly, and warmly. (For years, I thought I was the only one!) Once I explored this in a Tantric community, I found what exactly I could do with this gift! Currently, I facilitate a private group of men in sensual massage, which allows me to see the tangible results of bodywork in their individual and collective growth while the intangible/spiritual growth unfurls inside of me! This group is geared toward black and brown men, which is meaningful to me.

Why I Facilitate

A Tantra instructor once led me in a group exercise that helped me accept parts of my body that I had long been ashamed of. This experience greatly inspires my Tantric journey today. I view participation and permission (aka consent), both internal and external, as truly precious gifts alongside trust, vulnerability and responsibility, which are cornerstones to my personal recovery and continued spiritual growth. (Permission is also SEXY AF! A man allowing me to touch and guide him is such a treasured privilege.) I enjoy using my energy and physical self to lead men to open up to each other and, most of all, to themselves. A bit of this freedom is invaluable and seldom conveyed to men in western culture.

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