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Tantra Teacher, Tantric Sex Coach, and Sacred Intimate

Founder of Moon Hearth Ministries. Writer and facilitator of more than 120 evolutionary gay erotic videos. Creator of the world's first podcast series about the experiential practice of Tantra

About Me

I was brought up Southern Baptist and by the time I was a young adult, I found myself searching for a spiritual path which could encompass all of who I am. My search led me to Native American sweat lodges, and even all the way to Siberia and back in search of shamans, mystics, healers, and magic men. Finally, after years of searching, I began to discover magical ways to distill all that I've learned and offer it to other men by way of my body, my heart, my passion, and my voice. Transformational erotic play has become my core spiritual practice, along with the old songs of my grandmothers and a deep-deep, loving relationship with Mother Earth. Slowly, I've come to find my own life-song, and I love helping others do the same. I like to tell people that there really CAN be--and is--space in this one body for the tender, loving heart and for the fully-expressive slut I love to be. Gay-Men, and Hallelujah!.

Why I Facilitate

I teach guys special ways to excite their bodies head-to-toe, all while remembering that this state of prolonged erotic arousal is a fertile ground for planting the seeds that become the garden of life, which feeds and nourishes us and others. The average man on Earth ejaculates within 5 minutes of becoming aroused; I fall asleep every night happy that more men are experimenting with prolonged, heightened states of erotic excitement and connection as a tool for self-awareness, mental clarity, and a renewed sense of who we are and why we are here.

My Favourite Blog I've Written

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