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Tantra Coach Training

  • Start: October 2023, Sat 21, 5pm
  • Finish: October 2023, Fri 27, 11am
  • Residential: 8 am to 10.30 pm each day
  • Location:  Fallbrook, Nr San Diego, CA, USA
  • Price: $2,888 (Tuition: $1,850 Food: $525, Lodging: circa $549); Pay By Instalment Available on Booking.


Our Biggest Gift To Others Is Our Own Personal Journey Of Growth & Transformation

Tantra Coach Training will give you the skills and experience to hold transformative space for others using both Tantra techniques and practices integrated with psychotherapeutic models of understanding.

The training consists 6 modules. 3 modules taught by Jason and Ingo Tantra which is your personal journey of Tantra, called our Diploma in Tantra.

The other 3 modules are taught by Jason Tantra and Finn Deerhart which is specific Tantra Coach training.

As a whole, this combined, multi-discipline training will offer you valuable insights about your personal journey into Tantra and will uplevel or start your ability to serve as you hold spaces of profound depth for yourself and others.


What will I get by coming along to this event. Why should I come to this event? What would compel me to attend?  What will I get from this training? What might compel me to attend?

  • Feel confident to effectively and skilfully hold deep space for others. 
  • Offer Tantra techniques to others drawing on practiced and personal experience.
  • Learn a full range of methods and practices to facilitate healing for others. 
  • Skilfully take others into deep ecstatic and profound Tantric states. 
  • Feel confident to hold space for others from a place of knowing and experience.

Key Topics in the Training

During the Tantra Coach Training, your program focuses on the following key topics that you’ll need to master in order to truly hold people in Tantra:

  • Facilitating Personal Growth: Techniques and Approaches
  • Holding Transformational Processes: For Individuals or Couples
  • Working with Personal, Sexual & Spiritual Problems: Where & How Tantra Can Help
  • Tantric Coaching and Counselling: Skills and Techniques
  • Specific Client Issues in Tantra: Approaches and Solutions
  • Ethical Practice: Boundaries, Consent, Safe Space, and beyond
  • Intuitive Spiritual Guidance: Principles and Practice
  • Teaching Styles: How to Develop Your Own
  • Tantric Sessions: Concepts, Planning and Design
  • Practical Perspectives: Everything you need to know to set up your own retreats

We teach Neo-Tantra as a fusion of ancient and modern practices, taken from multiple disciplines. We teach Tantra as a system of personal development that encompasses the body, our sexuality, intimacy, and methods from modern coaching and psychology. Additionally, we include meditation, ecstatic practices, energy work, intuitive mediumship, and a strong focus on mystical dimensions and experiences.

Tantra, for us, is way beyond and so much more than the ‘Tantra techniques’ and ‘Tantric massages’ that you might have encountered in the marketplace. Our training is beyond learning conventional tantric techniques and massage. Our process is a lot broader and wider, encompassing powerfully comprehensive methods to guide men through a complete process of personal development.

Ethical practice is fundamental to what we teach and to who we are. Being a Tantra Teacher, to us, means creating safe, ethical spaces in which men can grow, heal, and blossom. Holding safe space and impeccable ethical practice–these are not just words for us; they pervade all of our teaching and being. You will learn to use your own life experience to guide men through their journey to healing, their higher selves, and to inner freedom.


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The Tantra Coach Training consists of 6 modules. 3 modules taught by Jason and Ingo Tantra which is your personal journey of Tantra, called our Diploma in Tantra. This is a most profound and ecstatic life changing journey of neo-Tantra. This is your personal journey with Tantra. We believe you can only truly hold space for others when you have been through the experience yourself.

The other 3 modules are taught by Jason Tantra and Finn Deerhart which is a Tantra Coach training. These focus on your ability to hold space for others and have been specifically designed as a training for you to hold space for others. To be in service to others. The training is structured around learning techniques and practices, and holding space for others and receiving valuable feedback to help you grow.

As a whole, this combined, multi-discipline training will offer you valuable insights about your personal journey into Tantra and will up level or start your ability to serve as you hold spaces of profound depth for yourself and others.

The Diploma in Tantra comprises of 3 modules which you can do in any order. These weeks long residential trainings take place twice yearly in July in Glastonbury, UK, in Upstate New York, USA each June, and in Joshua Tree, CA USA each April.

The Tantra Coach Training comprises of 3 modules again which you can do in any order. These weeks long residential trainings take place each year in Joshua Tree, CA each October.

To complete the Tantra Coach training you need to complete all 6 modules. The 3 Diploma in Tantra and the 3 Tantra Coach training. Upon completion of all 6 modules you will be awarded our Tantra Coach certificate. Upon completion of the 3 modules of the Diploma in addition you will be awarded our Diploma in Tantra certificate.

We recommend that as a maximum you do both one Tantra Coach training module per year and one Diploma in Tantra module per year. We recommend that you allow yourself the space to do this as a 3-year journey. If you try to do it faster than you may not fully benefit from the spaces in between to let the integration into your day to day life.

During the Tantra Coach Training your day starts at 8am and is typically a 1 hour meditation. Our meditations are active and tantric in nature and so maybe be different if you have an existing meditation practice. This is then followed by breakfast for 1hr30min. This is time for eating, chatting with your friends on the training, homework and showers.

Between Breakfast and Lunch are typically more lecture based training. This is where we go into topics in depth. That could be ethical frameworks, practices and techniques, psychotherapeutic models or lectures and discussions of Tantra.

After a 1hr30min lunch it is hands on to learn practical exercises and techniques. You will receive briefings and demonstrations. Here you will learn how to perform these techniques and practices for others. There will be constructive feedback mechanisms from your peers and tutors to support you in your growth and development.

After Dinner there tends to be a ritual based practice that could be something nourishing and rejuvenating or hugely ecstatic and bringing the peak of your sexual energy. Our evenings tend to finish around 10.30pm and you will definitely need your rest to be ready for the next day. Food in all locations is really excellent and you won’t even notice it’s vegetarian. We also provide snacks and drinks throughout the days. We also have use of Spa Facilitates (15min walk) and in addition we will bring our portable Spa which is next to the building.

This training is firstly a personal development journey of you using Tantra as the fuel to help facilitate your journey. The Diploma in Tantra in a complete neo-tantric training that works on you as an individual and its aim is a journey of personal growth and transformation.

Secondly, the training, as equal to the first part, is about holding space for others. Holding space for others can take many different forms. That could be about holding space for a partner(s), lovers, friends or someone you know that is needing help and this might be helpful.

Or, maybe you are already a Masseur or offering Yoga, Breathwork, Energywork or Bodywork to clients. The practices, exercises and techniques you learn in the Tantra Coach Training can support in growing your offering* to clients. Be that massage techniques, tantric energy rituals, meditation, chakra energy methods and holding deep space using the psychotherapeutic models as a background to hearing, listening and asking questions from a place of skill.

*Not all the methods learned in the Tantra Coach Training maybe offered to your clients due to local prostitution laws. You are responsible to only offer clients that which is legal and lawful which is different on a state by state, or country by country basis. We cannot take responsibility for how you might choose to use your learnings. Please do ask us if you have any concerns.

The training is absolutely about you learning to hold deep, profound and explorative sessions with partners, friends or integrating some practices into your professional practices. We will teach you, conceptually and experientially, a wide, varied and exciting array of:

  • Practices.
  • Techniques.
  • Exercises.
  • Processes.
  • and Rituals.

That are used in our approach to Neo-Tantra – with a focus on fostering growth and transformation within the client, both in teacher-to-group and in teacher-to-individual settings. Our teaching schedule focuses on the most salient topics that Tantra groups and retreats are typically conceptualised around:.

  • Sex and Heart.
  • Intimacy and Connection.
  • Touch and Massage.
  • Ecstasy and Orgasm.
  • Healing and Release.
  • Power and Surrender.
  • Meditation and Spiritual Practice.
  • Mystical Dimensions.
  • Peak Experiences and Bliss.

We believe that to effectively hold space for others you need to have been through the journey yourself. Our Diploma in Tantra is just for you, and about you. It is a unique opportunity to explore Tantra from the place of a participant.

The Diploma in Tantra is a profound, deep, highly ecstatic and blissful experience that will enable you more deeply to live in the truth of who you are as a human being. The programme is the only training world-wide that offers you such a comprehensive and complete training in Neo-Tantra, specifically designed for men who love men. It comprises 3 modules, each as a 7-day residential training in gorgeous locations in Europe and East / West Coast USA.

It is not only focused on the many experiences you will have with Tantra, but also the integration and grounding in your daily life in that we focus on processing what you learned, and to ground your learnings into your daily life. During the training you will spend time each day in group spiritual enquiry looking to make sense of the experiences you have had and how to root those into your day to day life.

In experiencing all of that Neo Tantra has to offer we believe you can embark on a journey where you can be of service to others, both from your personal experience of Tantra and also from that which you to learn in the Tantra Coach training.

Tantra is an unlicensed practice in that it is not licensed in the USA whereas massage as an example is. Neo-Tantra is a combination of many different practices and methods that make up the main body of knowledge and practice of Neo-Tantra and as uniquely created by Jason & Into Tantra and by Jason Tantra and Finn Deerhart for the Tantra Coach Training. Between these 3 persons you are receiving over 40 years worth of experience in this field and much of the techniques and practices have been created and integrated to our own unique TantraGayMen methods and practices.

Completing all 6 modules of the Tantra Coach Training we believe will give you the skills to safely, ethically, help and support others in the practice of Tantra. You will be able to take people into deep and profound states of ecstasy and bliss. You will be able to hold space to listen effectively and to feel skilled and confident in the questions that you might ask. People may ask you “how can I create more intimacy”, or “how can I experience ecstasy”, or “I don’t feel confident in my intimate encounters” and much more. This training will give you a framework, skills, practices and techniques that you will be able to offer that will help persons explore the areas they are looking to experience or to transform.

The Tantra Coach Training in no ways skills you to be a “therapist” of any sort. Therapy is a licensed practice whereas Tantra is an unlicensed practice. The spaces you hold for others using these techniques and methods do not constitute therapy, but instead hold space for others and with consent, ethics and local laws being able to take persons into deep and transformative journeys using our unique methods of tantric techniques and practices.

Please email me, just click HERE – I typically reply within 72 hours so if you’ve not had a reply, please do check your SPAM box.

Venue & Travel

Fallbrook, Nr San Diego, CA, USA

Getting to Fallbrook

By Car, take the interstate 15 north of San Diego and follow address given in the Joining Instructions.

By Plane, fly into San Diego Airport, and then a 40min Uber to the venue.

Car Pool, a few months before the training we invite you to a secret group to meet the other participants and organise any car sharing and lifts.

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