The Tantra4GayMen Diploma consists of 3 modules of 7 days each:
  • Ecstasy & Orgasm
  • Healing & Surrender
  • The Divinity of Bliss
Each module is standalone, and you can start the Diploma with any of the three modules.Each module explores the Diploma's core topics - Sex, Spirit, Personality, Love, and Ecstasy - from unique and very different perspectives.
Upon completion of the 3 modules, you will be awarded our Tantra4GayMen Diploma Certificate, which opens many more possibilities to go deeper with us and in your personal and professional life.
Ecstasy & Orgasm Module: 
This module is an in-depth exploration of Orgasm and Orgasmic States, quite possibly going beyond anything you have ever experienced in your life. It can bring your sex life to a whole new level.
We will explore Tantric systems of Deep Arousal, techniques and processes to induce and navigate Multi-Orgasmic States, and Tantric processes that are designed to bring you to experiences of even greater Bliss and Tantric Ecstasy. In addition we'll experience the Chakra System as a pathway to experience more profound states of consciousness.
One key body of teachings in Neo-Tantra is to learn how to access the infinite possibilities that your body offers you. These are usually buried below layers and layers of conditioning, and Tantra teaches you how to remove those layers within you that hold you back from experiencing these profound states of love and bliss. In this module, we will work on this through specific meditations, rituals, and psychotherapeutic processes, with the aim to give you an entirely different perspective of how to make ecstasy and ecstatic experiences something that can become part of your life.
Healing & Surrender: 
This module combines two related topics. In Healing, it's all about integrating, healing, and moving beyond those parts of yourself that are holding you back from your full potential - in your sex, in your life, and in your spirituality. We will learn and experience Tantric techniques - specifically: Very powerful modalities of Tantric massage, and several types of cathartic processes - to achieve this. We create a safe container to enable you to 'really go there', and offer you the possibility to hold a mirror up and look at yourself giving you the opportunity to make changes and explore new ideas about how you see yourself and how you want to live your life. Powerful Tantric processes will support you in your unique pathway to finally feel free!
Then, in Surrender, it's all about taking you into much deeper ecstatic and blissful states, via the Tantric teachings around "deeply letting go": Only in letting go and letting yourself surrender to the flow of existence you are able to access states of profound ecstasy. The processes we offer in this module are deep, sometimes provocative and can enable profound new ideas of yourself and the opportunity to re-birth yourself and to release what holds you back.
The Divinity of Bliss: 
The modern version of Tantra we teach is independent of any religion but has its roots in Buddhist and Hindu practices. As such, it offers pathways to the different "layers of being" that make up our potential for enlightenment. Just as many other spiritual practices, Tantra offers methods that aim for exactly this - states of complete transcendence of our Egoic Self, and complete fusion with That which is beyond, infinite Bliss, pure Consciousness, or in whatever form it will be experienced.
This week focuses on specific Tantric techniques and profound rituals that are at the heart of ancient Tantric secrets designed to enable you to experience some of the most amazing, awe-inspiring, heart opening states of bliss and connection to consciousness and the cosmos. You will learn specifically Tantric methods to enable you to connect with your higher self and infinite potential in ways that you had not yet imagined. This week is about the higher vibrations and bringing you to a place to embody and experience them. There will be elements of surprise, growth, and exploration embodying the bliss into your physical being. It can feel like heaven and earth have joined within you.
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