Tantra, or more specifically: Neo-Tantra (which is what we teach), is a synthesis of old and new practices of spiritual development.

Tantra, in its original meaning, is a Buddhist pathway to increase your consciousness and awareness of your true inner nature.

In Neo-Tantra, modernized versions of these methods are combined with elements from humanistic psychology, sex therapy, bodywork, and elements from the new-age context.

Neo-Tantra’s objective is your total freedom: From your own ego, from your own self-debilitating thought processes, and from everything that gets in the way of you being an ecstatic and blissful man.

Above all, Tantra is all about direct experience of the numinous:

Experience bolts of ecstasy that you don't even comprehend.

Experience bliss that transforms the way you perceive life.

Experience making love with the universe and the universe making love with you.

Experience healing yourself from the limitations of your life's conditioning.

Experience the incredible exhilaration of changing yourself, to choose who you want to be in this world, and to get rid of what you're unhappy about.

Want to know more? Jason has produced a wide array of videos about the different aspects of Tantra. To see these videos, click here for our YouTube channel.