A most profound and ecstatic life-changing journey of Neo-Tantra.
The Diploma in Tantra is a profound, deep, highly ecstatic and blissful experience that will enable you more deeply to live in the truth of who you are as a human being. The programme is the only training world-wide that offers you such a comprehensive and complete training in neo-Tantra, specifically designed for men who love men. It comprises 3 modules, each as a 7 day residential training in gorgeous locations in Europe and East / West Coast USA.  

  • This is a complete & comprehensive training of Neo-Tantra, from the spiritual to the highly sexual, from the inward-looking and meditative to the highly ecstatic.
  • It’s specifically for men who love men, join a like-minded group of new friends.
  • It focuses on personal transformation as a unique journey that is designed to change your life once and forever.
  • It sits with your direct experience in that our teaching is practical and experiential, taking you through processes that create incredible experiences for you.
  • A tried and tested method that we have developed from over 20 years of experience in many spiritual disciplines.
  • Integration and grounding into your daily life in that we focus on processing what you learned, and to ground your learnings into your daily life through “Spiritual Enquiry”. 
  • Experience a deep and powerful transformation that has amazingly positive effects on your day-to-day life.
  • Life Becomes Better! Through Tantra, you become more aware, more conscious and with that make better choices for you.
  • Heal and get rid of limiting thoughts, body shame, previous trauma, over controlling behaviours, self judgements and move into an ecstatic, joyful and loving life.
  • Experience what exists in your being, your soul. Get real life glimpses of what is beyond your ego.
  • A Life Training for Men who Love Men; a Tantric Bootcamp that gives you a “pause” on your life, gives you profound new experiences to help realign to your souls path.
Your days are filled with practical exercises, rituals, and many forms of group work form its basis, brought to you in a highly exciting, profound, interesting and sometimes challenging programme. We use techniques such as bodywork, meditation, massage, breathwork, energy work, sexual techniques, and much much more. This is complemented by therapy-style talking sessions as in psychotherapeutic techniques for personal development to bring to you a method that we have developed and perfected in our work with thousands of men.
Our days together typically start with Morning Meditation at 8am. Here, we teach you a specific array of meditation techniques designed to develop the states of mind and body that you need to fully experience deeper Tantric states.
This is followed by a good healthy breakfast to set you up for the day. After breakfast, we are in for our first Tantra Training Session. An exciting combination of lots and lots of hands-on and mind-altering Tantra exercises, Tantric massages and touch, Tantric meditations, Tantric group processes, spiritual practice, and integration work.
Afterwards we will have lunch together, followed by quiet time where you can be for yourself, be in nature, and rest.
The afternoon programme starts with a Group Therapy and/or Spiritual Enquiry Session. Time and space for you to reflect on your experiences in the Tantra sessions and receive guidance, both verbal and non-verbal, on how to integrate - to further work on yourself.
This is followed by an afternoon Tantra Training Session. Even more hands-on and mind-altering Tantra exercises, Tantric massages and touch, Tantric meditations, Tantric group processes, spiritual practice, and integration work.
We will then have a lengthy and relaxed dinner together. It is here where the atmosphere typically switches from “wow, what amazing work we have done” to “let’s now relax and party together”.
After dinner, it’s time to celebrate! In our amazing Evening Tantra Rituals. We will use the techniques and insights learned for celebratory, yet profound Tantra Rituals - sometimes nurturing, sometimes more ecstatic - true celebrations of Tantra and of yourself and the group. These will typically run until to around 10.30pm.
After the end of the daily programme, you will have enough time to relax however you want to … under the stars, in the hot tub, in the sauna, or around the fire, or whatever takes your fancy ...
Above all, Tantra is all about direct experience of the numinous:
  • Our participants talk about experiences of bolts of ecstasy that you don't even comprehend that can feel beyond the realms of pleasure. .
  • You can experience bliss that transforms the way you perceive life. Many of our participants talk about changing their lives in ways that serve them more beautifully. Imagine the experience making love with the universe and the universe making love with you both in the physical form shared with others and some energy experiences that are beyond the mind comprehension.
  • Many participants feel the experience of healing themselves from the limitations of their life's conditioning. Things that have happened along the journey of your life can come up for you to take another look, to heal to move through. Experience the incredible exhilaration of changing yourself, to choose who you want to be in this world, and to get rid of what you're unhappy about.
Participants come to our training with a plethora of different motivations. Some come to enhance their sex lives, some for the thrill and adventure of trying something ‘far out’, some come for spiritual experiences, some to discover an alternative to the mainstream gay world, and some because they have an issue, discontent, or unhappiness - concrete or less concrete - in their lives. Tantra works on many levels, and you can use it for many different things. Whatever your motivation is: It is important that you come here from a place of true willingness to work on yourself: The more you put in, the more you get out of it.
Below are a few points that we feel are integral to our diploma. They are also typical in that we have had many clients with these or similar motivations. We would suggest to read them and ask yourself: Does this resonate for you? - And then, more generally: When you read this website, do you feel a longing to go deeper? Or maybe you have already experienced some events with Tantra4GayMen. If yes, do you feel the call to go deeper, even beyond what you may have experienced in our events? - If the question to any of these answers is yes, then we would suggest that you have already taken the first step.;
Tantra is a way that uses the most powerful energy that we have at our disposal - our sexual energy - for spiritual practice, to connect with what’s beyond us, whatever you may call it. Our Tantra4GayMen diploma specifically puts these practices into your own life context as men who love men.
This Diploma is for you if you are interested in a most profound personal development journey.
We understand as the beginning of a new culture with a special sense of community.
Learn a fulfilling sex life - Learn how to live a fulfilling personal life - Learn happiness by discovering what you really are and want to be - Learn how to deep and meaningful connections with yourself and others.
Are you looking for more satisfying ways to relate? Are you longing for true intimacy? Learn new ways to relate to people and to make your relationships more fulfilling. Learn ways to be more congruent, more authentic, more intimate, more loving, and less inhibited - this will help you to readjust existing relationships and manifest more meaningful and fulfilling relationships in your life.
Do you sometimes feel you have forgotten who you truly are and what your true purpose is, lost in the mundanities and constraints of daily life? Learn hands-on techniques to deeply feel and connect to yourself, your inner truth, and to express and to make this a beacon to guide your actions.
Do you feel you lack the strength to address the issue of how to live fully? Have you had traumatic experiences that may constitute obstacles to this? - Learn how you can re-learn these experiences and remove shame, guilt and judgment.
Tantra puts you in direct connection with the incredible energies that underlie our existence and that we often lose the connections to. In short: Learn to surf the wave of life rather than standing by and just observing.
In Neo-Tantra, it is through specific incredible massage techniques that your body learns how to expand orgasm, to heighten sensitivity to sexual energy, and to experience ecstasy. Erotic massage is an integral part of our training - you will learn how to receive and to give Tantric massages.