Food & Lodging
We will be enjoying the gourmet delights of wholesome, healthy vegetarian meals. Special diets are catered for and all meals and snacks are provided. Please tell us your dietary requirements in the “anything we need to know about section” of the booking form.

Typical Menu for the Week: 

Day 1:

Lunch - Grilled Vegetable Sandwich, Goat Cheese, Pesto on a French Baguette served with Kettle chips

Dinner - Beyond Meat Shepherd's Pie, crusted with Yukon gold potatoes. Artisan Green Salad and Baby Heirloom Tomatoes, White corn, Cucumber, Meyer lemon Dressing. Dessert to be announced.

Day 2:

Breakfast - Fresh Fruit Salad, Assorted Bagels and Cream Cheese, Butter and preserves.

Lunch - Vegetarian Stir Fry with Ginger and Shiitake mushrooms with Cal rose Brown rice.

Dinner - Rigatoni pasta with basil and marinara, mozzarella cheese, marinara, fresh basil, Eggplant Parmesan, Tomatoes, shaved fennel, celery, walnuts, white balsamic vinaigrette and Spring Green Salad.

Day 3:

Breakfast - Fresh vegetable Frittata, sundried tomatoes, breakfast potatoes and wheat toast, butter and preserves.

Lunch - Baked Five Cheese Macaroni and Cheese and Mixed seasonal green salad, Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Dinner - Vegetarian Bangers, Mash and Seasonal vegetables.

Day 4:

Breakfast - Belgium Waffles, Fresh berries, maple syrup, whipped butter.

Lunch - Beyond Meat Burgers, lettuce, tomato, cheese, pickles, red onion, ketchup, mustard mayo and French Fries.

Dinner - Build your own Taco/ Burrito Bar, Tortillas, chips, salsa, Beans, rice, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes and jalapeños.

Day 5:

Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast potatoes and Assorted breads, muffins, preserves butter.

Lunch - Split Pea Soup and 3 G Grilled Cheese on brioche, Gouda, Gruyere and Goat.

Dinner - Spinach and mozzarella cheese ravioli, marinara sauce, Artisan Green Salad and Baby Heirloom tomatoes, cucumber, white corn, lemon dressing.

Day 6:

Breakfast - Banana pancakes, maple syrup, butter, Fresh fruit platter.

Lunch - Vegetarian Chili w/ cornbread, Crumbled Goat cheese, walnuts berry vinaigrette and Artisan Greens.

Dinner - “Meatless Ground” bolognese over gluten free sweet potato noodles, Fresh vegetables and Seasonal Salad.

Day 7:

Breakfast - Frittata with sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, olives, Fried potatoes, Muffins and toast. 

Each day dinner is served with a different dessert ranging from cakes to puddings, pies and ice cream. Snacks, Juices, Water, Coffee and Tea will also be provided.