Explore Your Multi-Orgasmic Potential

May, Sat 11 & Sun 12, 2019 - 10am to 6pm

Boston, MA



2 Men Booked

Ticket Price: $345


Learn Tantra Techniques to Ignite Your Sexual Power
Join Us on a Unique Journey into the Secrets of Tantra
Experience Ecstasy, Bliss, Multiple Orgasms, and much more

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Multiple Orgasms without ever cumming - Riding Orgasmic Waves for Hours and Hours - these are some of the things you may have heard about Tantra.
And they are true. Tantra provides us with incredibly powerful techniques to totally transform your experience of orgasm. It can bring your orgasm from the average 10-15 seconds of ‘cumming’ into something deeply ecstatic. Most men never realise what is possible, and never access this deeply life-changing experience.

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In this weekend workshop, we will teach you all about the Multi-Orgasmic dimension of Tantra. We will explore a variety of Tantric techniques, practices, rituals, and massages. And last but not least, you will learn our specifically designed Multi Orgasmic Massage - a sensual and indulgent way to awaken orgasmic energy and share that with others.


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Our teaching style will be hands-on, effective, and with lots and lots of fun and meaningful connection to other like-minded guys. Once learned and applied in the correct way, these techniques can open new doorways of being for you:

  • Ride orgasm after orgasm for up to several hours, without ever stopping.book_now_bubble.png
  • Sustain the orgasmic energy in your body not just during sex but also for hours and days after, so that ‘normal life’ will feel completely different.
  • Learn how to truly master your orgasm during your sex: Choose when to cum and when not, and choose what types of orgasm you want and when.
  • Learn what you can use your orgasmic energy for once you have mastered it: It can be a doorway into spiritual experiences and a powerful vehicle to transform you into the best version of yourself.​​​


Intrigued? - So, how does it work practically? The workshop starts at a gentle pace, with everyone meeting and getting to know each other, in an easy and fun way. After an hour, you will feel as if you have joined a group of friends you have known forever. We will also make sure that you keep yourself safe and ensure that your boundaries are always respected. We will then start to go deeper, and all you need to do is to let go - which will be easier than you think. We will indulge in a mixture of taught sessions, some free space for you to practice with other guys, and beautiful rituals to experience and integrate what you have learned. You will experience lots of touch, massage, and techniques that might take you to places you have never been to before. Enjoy, let go, and just be yourself.

Is this for me? This workshop is designed for beginners and advanced beginners. If you have never done anything like this, or have done a little bit of Tantra, or have experienced a Tantric massage and would like to learn more - then this workshop is for you. It's also perfect if you are anxious because this is new to you - we will introduce you to the secrets of Tantra in an easy, fun way.

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Dates & Times: May, Sat 11 & Sun 12, 2019 - 10:00 to 18:00 on both days. 
Workshop Format: This is a 2 day, non-residential workshop. - Tea/Coffee and other refreshments are included with your workshop price.
Venue: A venue in Boston - more details to follow.
Ticket Price: $345

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No previous experience of Tantra is needed -  all you need to bring is an open mind and a sense of adventure.
If you have any questions about this weekend, you can:
E-mail Jason: jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk (I reply to emails within 72 hours so do check your SPAM box).
Or call Jason: +44 7941 465910.