Mike's Tantric Introduction

blog-in-article-mike-introduction-image.pngThe Introduction to Tantra was just the starting point to a fantastic journey of discovery for me about my life purpose and incredible personal development.  Sure with tantra sex has just got better and better in ways I wouldn’t have guessed – and generally more confidence and awareness, but my spiritual journey has been incredible.

I have found my passion in my art and found the awareness to see what I put out into the world and how the universe supports me back.  I could not have asked for more.  The intermediate courses have been amazing experiences working with the most lovely of men, full of what each of us needs, all having our own experience, mine deep and intense and wonderful.

My creativity has exploded and this only promises to grow and grow.  I am truly finding an incredibly real me under many layers, and coming to terms with a deep understanding about myself.  And I thought I knew what personal development was until I discovered tantra with Jason and Ingo.  I can’t imagine a world without the love and support I have had from them in my development for which thanks can never be enough.


A Follow Up - March-11

Hi Jason

I just couldn’t resist but share what happened yesterday with you and will at some point put this into the longer story.  Now reviewing this it is a bit of a longer story – feel free to use it as it is.

I think you know that I had really lost a lot of confidence in the sex dept. not completely but certainly that stuff where your identity feels it can be a great lover.  It is of course obvious why I should feel like that but not simple part of my life, journey, development.

Tantra courses have supported me hugely through sexual confidence development in the deepest way working on many levels and layers and this is I am afraid almost entirely down to your special skills, belief, and non-judgement, of course with Ingo’s support on courses of course too and, particularly,  a special few hours of shared tantric practice with Ingo.

The universe has brought many wonderful and special experiences along the way with men both on courses and in between, my sex and love life has never been better.  At my age I didn’t think I would be saying I just can’t find enough time to fit them all in!

But yesterday I had a particularly wonderful experience via Gaydar – my doctor fantasy now fulfilled – the most amazing sex session.  I generally find being fucked relatively good and often great and easy.  But this time being fucked was never so completely easy just like I would expect to experience if I were a woman, although I felt just like a man.   This man had fucked women too, and quite a few men and this is what he messaged me:

“Thank you so much for coming.  It was very enjoyable and I am tingling still.  You are a lovely man and a great lover.”

Whilst we are fucking he said I was the best fuck he had had for many many years and that the pleasure I gave from me pleasure was just keeping him hard.  I had to go on to a meeting, but we had sex for 2 hours with ½ before on play until we were properly alone.  I am very proudly now a “dirty boy”.  He couldn’t get enough of it.

But more importantly I was not lost in this, passive, used as I might have been to that in the past, but open, knowing I had any control I wanted and needed, able to say what I wanted and felt able to make it a fun and loving experience.  I was communicating deeply with this man on all levels not just my sex.  I could feel his cock in me in a way that began to feel like it was building tantric energy, and probably next time begin to turn that into deeper tantric sex where I can allow my energy to flow even more spiritually with him being part of that journey instead of losing him on the way.

I felt for the first time a confidence to be a tantric lover, not just someone who can do some tantric practice, able to do some massage and ritual to raise tantric energy.  Somehow sex, tantra, and art all joined up for me.  It was both of this world, mundane but beautiful, as well as part of the spiritual universe I am beginning to see more and more of.  I did for the first time visualise me as that tantric spiritual lover in a way I had only read about and imagined as unreal as any fairy story.

This is such a beautiful journey.  The world is an amazing place, and you can see why human kind gets so wrapped up in love and sex, but equally how it has so much more to experience – the tantric world.

Enjoy, Much Love, Mike x

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