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blog-in-article-extreme-therapy.jpgIf you're serious about Tantra as a Spiritual journey, read this article: Tantra’s certainly not for the faint hearted or for those with a gentle disposition. It’s funny because over the years in teaching Tantra I can see it appeals to everyone for the right reason. The idea of experiencing the intimacy that our beings crave. Tantra could promise the best sex, the best love, the best spiritual journey - all possible within the realms of Tantra. It can really offer the most amazing miracles and touches you in ways, which imprints on the very DNA of your soul. It’s likely to offer experiences so profound that you’d struggle to find words to describe how soul uplifting it is. It can take you home in a true and deep way.  Aaaaaahhhhhh yes Tantra can offer a mystical path. Experiences that you can’t describe, and becomes deep rooted in your heart. When you see our pictures of how Tantra works, it’s a melting invitation. Part of you will long to remember how it was to feel this carefree … to feel this free. The marketing I and others use show the most intimate, the most beautiful connections with other humans and shows the possibility in how Tantra can benefit you and your life.

Tantra’s a journey of spiritual development, so I admit it’s not for everyone. Why is that? Because in one sentence;

“Tantra will confront you with the very things which stop you and / or that get in the way of you experiencing this profound intimacy, love and sex on a day to day basis”.

If your life is everything you want it to be (an enlightened experience), then you won’t need us. I often say in our workshops that Tantra’s the fastest pathway to enlightenment, and it is, but it’s totally an oxymoron. On the one hand it can offer you the most ecstatic and enlightening experiences and on the other hand it can be so damn bloody difficult. You may experience feeling stuck, perhaps in ways you haven’t before. I sometimes say, relax, let go and everything will be fine. You see, the things that you may find difficult in Tantra aren’t there by the practise of Tantra; instead the practise of Tantra shows you where you’re stuck, and often not in the most elegant or sophisticated way.

The only thing you’ll need is commitment. No matter how hard it can feel the higher part of yourself knows you’re here for a reason. For example, you may be healing past wounds or becoming free of what constricts you and holds you back in your life. You may feel your life is monotonous and has no real purpose. Quite often Tantra can pick you up, shake you and shag you up the arse and then throw you back down. At times Tantra can confront you and sometimes you will need to trust it, even when you don’t know the end result. Nobody ever reached states of “Bliss” by being in control, it just can’t happen. So, I reiterate - The only thing you need for Tantra is commitment.

My husband, Ingo, and I developed two-ways you can experience Tantra. Our Diploma in Tantra includes everything I wrote above. It’s a programme of meditation, yoga, psychotherapeutic practises, tantric techniques, tantric massage, rituals and puja’s and oh yes, group therapy on a daily basis. Why? Well I promise if you join us, like a James Bond cocktail, you will be shaken but not stirred. Our programme promotes a deeper insight and awareness of yourself and your behaviours.

Let me give you an example, if you’re unhappy a group therapy could explore your unhappiness within our Diploma programme. When did it start? Why did it start? Then we may look at your values and beliefs about why you feel unhappy. For instance, you may learn you care for everyone else first and forget about you. Alongside this you’ll discover some complimentary Tantric exercises. You may experience sensations in your body, often very new for the first time. As you explore more about yourself, learn more about your behaviours, beliefs and then combine this with ecstatic and opening Tantra experiences, it will bring a fresh perspective in your life.

We’ll encourage you to keep a journal of your experience, and we only offer our Diploma programme in secluded and rural retreat centres. This means you’ll have plenty of time for reflection and absorption of what’s happening. Some of the Tantric rituals and exercises are designed to confront you. They’re designed to pin point where you might become stuck. It’s very likely that your judgements are challenged. Often what you thought you knew, well, it may be time to discard whatever doesn’t serve you well any longer.

Why would you do all of this? In one word, Freedom!

The headline benefit of Tantra is freedom.  Freedom from the judgements and fears that keep you chained and miserable. Tantra frees you from the prison of yourself. It offers insights and glimpses into new possibilities of being you. As Donnachadh says at the end one of our Diploma videos it’s like “a laundry for the soul”.

Tantra is our spiritual journey, because it offers you the possibility to reconnect with your spirit, with the very essence of “who you are”, which is beyond your physical body and your mental mind. In this, Tantra invites you to embody this experience as a human “being”. Some spiritual practise focus on dogma or on ascending to the higher planes. This is all well and good and might offer some clues as to why as humans we destroy the very planet we live on. When you embody an experience, it is felt and experienced in the body. It becomes a human experience on planet earth. 

Alongside our Diploma, we offer our own Tantra Festival, which is about celebration. Ingo and I both feel that spiritual and personal development are important, but we so often forget to just celebrate, to celebrate being a free gay man, with other like-minded souls.

So we invite you to experience Tantra, to meet yourself in new ways. If you’re looking … searching for a new uplifting reality while letting go of the things which hold you back in life, maybe Tantra holds the key.

Our Diploma intake for 2016 is currently full and we will open for our 2017 intake in Spring 2016. We will be offering our next Diploma programme in California, USA. Register for our newsletter above to keep updated. 

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