Byron's Tantric Massage with Jason

blog-in-article-jason-massage-image.pngDear Jason

It has taken me a while to write but the experience of the multi orgasmic massage that I received from you has stayed with me all this time. Thank you so much for the talk we had beforehand. I suppose so many men come to Tantric massage from different places in their lives and just talking a while with you put me at ease again. It’s such an intimate experience but once you decided on a massage for increasing my energy without release I was happy to go along with that type of massage but must admit that I was slightly cynical about whether an orgasm could happen without that holy grail of gay sex, ‘the money shot’ so to speak.

It was so different to my first experience of Tantric massage with Andrew. Already the difference of breathing with someone while rocking your hips forwards and backwards seemed to prepare me in a strange way. At first my tired body resisted a bit. But once the air and energy started to flow I could feel a stirring strangely enough in my head. It felt a bit like waking up. I don't know how else to describe it. There was the sense that finally my body was aligning after being so ill. And it felt strange to me that all the sensation seemed to be whirling around my head and not only my groin.

The massage was eye opening. I don't know how else to describe it but I really was taken to the brink of orgasm over and over again and there were moments when I knew that deep inside me I was having an orgasm but at the same time there was no release of cum. My body rocked like it does when having an orgasm but that’s the point isn’t it? My cynical side really was put to rest. The breathing that you asked me to do seemed to open up my whole body to the experience and it made me realize that without that ecstatic connection how easy it is to fall into just using our cocks and balls for sex when the potential is to use every cell of our bodies.

Afterwards you asked me to just sit with this energy for a couple of days. Don't jerk off immediately and just see what you see. I lasted two whole days without touching myself afterwards and the experience was another indulgence of sensory input. I remember walking the streets of Bristol and whenever I saw a beautiful man my body seemed to contract. I breathed deeply. The line between my cock and my head sprung to life with the breathing creating energy that shot all the way through me. It made me more aware of the sensual nature of men, how bloody beautiful we are, in all our forms. I could look forever at all kinds of men: young, and old, skinny and large and see something beautiful in them. It wasn’t confined to society’s definition of beauty.

But it wasn’t only men that suddenly were more sensual – it seemed to be everything. This is the deep and lasting impression that has stayed with me about my massage from you. I felt more alive and therefore more sensual. I even saw trees, birds, nature in a different light. I was more aware of them and seemed more in tune with them. I found myself sitting in parks and breathing deep like you told me to and smiling at the views that my senses picked up. Everything was aligned. Normally I wouldn’t even notice the sensuality of women but I seemed to notice it more too. But trees became these sensual alive beings as well. I don't know if any of this makes sense in your experience of the massage but I just seemed more open to everything that I came in contact with. A friend’s hug, wow! The bark of a tree, incredible! Touch, taste, sight, smell, sound all heightened a notch more.

Finally after two days I had to jerk off. And when I did I breathed and in that breath I felt more connected to what I want and more happy to wait until it does come. It was an amazing release. Well earned I thought...ha ha! There was a slight sense of comedown afterwards. But I don't think I have lost the knack to see things, experience things more heightened. I remember what you said to me that it is possible to live our daily lives in ecstasy and I think I got a clear taste of that after your massage. So thank you once again for a great tantric experience. I am exploring further. Byron xxx

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