Tantra: The Ecstasy of Letting Go

Mar, Sat 2 & Sun 3, 2019 - 10am to 6pm
Bay Area, CA


10 Men Booked

Current Price: $34



Learn How To Tap Into Your Body’s Capacity Of True Ecstasy

Explore A Unique Set of Tantra Techniques, Massages and Teachings Focusing On Ecstatic Experience

Discover How Tantric Practices of Letting Go Can Open Up New Ways Of Experiencing Your Life


In this weekend we explore some gentle BDSM techniques to help you into "Letting Go". We also explore power exchange, the person who surrenders, and the person who takes power. Mix that with learing a whole new bunch of Tantra Practices & Techniques, and you'll have a rich colour palette to play with and a Tantric Tool Box bursting with new ideas to have safe, sexy, consensual, sensual and loving play .... This weekend is PERFECT if you struggle to let go of control, struggle to get out of your mind, and hare longing to experience Ecstasy. 

How to access ecstatic experiences? How to make ecstasy part of your life?
Ecstasy has always been a central topic in Tantra, whether that is in ancient teachings or in its modern interpretations. From both ancient and modern dimensions of Tantra, Jason and Ingo have developed a new and exciting body of teachings: Technologies of Ecstasy
Technologies of Ecstasy focuses on the relationship of two of the most primordial forces in our bodies and life: Being-In-Control versus Letting Go. By exploring these polarities in depth, ecstatic states beyond what you may have experienced can become available to you. Letting Go is the actual focus here, because, if applied correctly, it can be a doorway into ecstatic experiences way beyond what’s available to most people.

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In this weekend workshop, you will learn and experiences all about our Technologies of Ecstasy body of teachings, delivered through a unique array of sensual, playful, and sometimes mind-blowing exercises, and lots and lots of massages, meditations, and rituals.


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Our teaching style will be hands-on and effective, designed to give you an incredibly sensual, indulgent and ecstatic time with deep and meaningful connection to other like-minded guys. 

As you let yourself fall into the ‘Letting Go’ mode of experiencing yourself, you open up new dimensions of your being - that which is your ecstatic core - and with clear sense of how to access these states in your daily life.

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Intrigued? - So, how does it work practically? The workshop starts at a gentle pace, with everyone meeting and getting to know each other, in an easy and fun way. After an hour, you will feel as if you have joined a group of friends you have known forever. We will also make sure that you keep yourself safe and ensure that your boundaries are always respected.


We will then start to go deeper, and all you need to do is to let go - which will be easier than you think. We will indulge in a mixture of taught sessions, some free space for you to practice with other guys, and beautiful rituals to experience and integrate what you have learned. You will experience lots of touch, massage, and techniques that might take you to places you have never been to before. Enjoy, let go, and just be yourself.


Is this for me?

This workshop is designed for beginners and advanced beginners. It is perfect if …

  • … you are new to Tantra and have never done anything like this: Don’t worry, we will welcome you with open arms and introduce you to the secrets of Tantra in an easy, fun way.
  • … you have done some Tantra, have experienced a Tantric massage, and would like to learn more. … you are specifically intrigued to learn about the ‘Technologies of Ecstasy’ and the ‘Letting Go’ aspects of Tantra. … you have been on our certificate programme and haven’t done this part of it yet.




Dates & Times: Mar, Sat 2 & Sun 3, 2019 - 10am to 6pm on both days.

Workshop Format: This is a 2 day, non-residential workshop. Tea/Coffee and other refreshments are included with your workshop price. On both days, we will have a noon break and go for a light lunch in a nearby cafe (not included in price).

Venue: A discreet, gorgeous studio in Oakland, easily accessable via public transportation.

Current Ticket Price: $345



If you have any questions about this weekend, you can:

E-mail Jason: jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk (I reply to emails within 72 hours so do check your SPAM box).

Or call Jason: +44 7941 465910.